Ecole Camondo is part of the cultural institution MAD, Paris. It is one of Europe’s leading schools of interior design and architecture and is famous for its strong teaching methods and focus on innovation.

In 2019 Ecole Camondo partitipated in The Litta Variations / Opus 5 presenting Teatro del Giorno in the Copper Room, usually an undefined space, perhaps more a passageway than a room. With this project by the students of Ecole Camondo this space became a theatre complete with stage and scenery.

Led by Mathilde Bretillot, the young designers analyzed the space in detail, identifying and isolating elements, which they used to create small, modular, architectural objects and items of furniture.

During the event each day the space has been transformed by students of the Ecole Camondo interacting with visitors – each day a new scene has been set.

This exhibition was produced in partnership with TIPTOE, a contemporary furniture brand founded in Paris in 2015. Its mission is to bring both inspiration and good sense to interiors around the world through long-lasting and creative products.

This exhibition was produced with the support of Elitis and Adm.