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Rua Rodrigues Faria 103 Loja 0.06A
1300-501 Lisboa Portugal +351 211 547 215


Pedro Sottomayor

MOR is a new Portuguese design brand, based in Lisbon. We create timeless and functional products in the realms of furniture, lighting and accessories.

MOR design is the result of love and willingness to create simple, timeless and long-lasting pieces. A strong symbiosis between designers and experienced portuguese artisans is the key. We find daily inspiration in Lisbon, whose charm, vibrancy and joy of life stimulate each creator to design elegant and practical pieces with clean lines. This passion for design leads us to the creation of a brand committed in the development of exclusive furniture, lighting and other unique objects. Welcome to MOR design.
We are a Portuguese design brand, dedicated to honest and simple design. Our passion is to create timeless and durable pieces, lasting for generations. The key to do so we found in a balanced symbiosis between design and craftsmanship. Therefore, we work closely with local manufacturers using carefully selected materials. Experience shows us that during the process of developing a product every tiny step requires full dedication. Sentiment for details and the feeling of a piece is necessary in order to achieve the most complex result: simplicity. The inspiration and motivation to work this way, we receive from the serene vibe of our city Lisboa and all the “alegria de viver” surrounding us. We always want to incorporate this feeling in our products, which results in elegant, warm and practical pieces, made of clean lines.
Minimal marble lamp, shaped like a very slim dome, carved into existence from a single block. When turned on, the beautiful unique natural features of the stone stand out the most.
Solid wood chair with a simple but sturdy structure that is ingeniously determined by the seat itself, giving it a classic and versatile look.
Clean wooden desk for home or office, with two drawers and cable storage under the table top.