The Design Composite



Emmanuel Babled (Babled Edition)
Marco Sousa Santos (Branca Lisboa)

‘The Design Composite’ a third-party project by Babled Design, Branca Lisboa and Stork Composites.

STORK stands for stone and cork and combines different, but highly appreciated, intrinsic characteristics from both natural materials. The solution is designed in layers and, depending on the application, it uses the latest composite modelling methods to become a nature blend of two highly valuable materials.
Stork by Babled Edition

Together with Emmanuel Babled, Stork creates two original tables, exploring the potential of the material. The Dining Table “Lamina” has two organic legs in light concrete, a stainless-steel structure and a 3m surface of Stork composite in striato marble. The Coffe Table “Galet” is made of cork and a surface of Stork composite in silverwave marble.

Special thanks to Mercado da Pedra for sponsoring the supply of marbles used in this project.

Stork by Branca Lisboa

‘Branca to Stork’ is a partnership between Branca Design label and Stork Composites in order to develop new products for domestic and public spaces exploring the great qualities of the Stork Composite. Branca Design studio have redesigned two of its wood tables to match the natural cork and marble surface top. The result is a light and smooth connexion between the cork the marble and the wood with a beautiful visual effect and great mechanical flexibilility.