S for Social by Supermama


265 Beach Road
Singapore 199544


Studio Juju

S for Social explores the social roles of designers and social values of designed objects.

Porcelain, plates and pants. These objects seemingly serve only everyday functions, but they also shape how we socialise at dinner, and our perceptions of the users and their cultures. Such invisible outcomes can create more value than the objects’ apparent attributes.
Designers must, therefore, keep in mind how their creations interact with people and the larger society. What kinds of conversation should we encourage among them? What social outcomes are we hoping for? In our four collections, “S for Social”, we explore the designers’ role in society and the positive changes we can bring about.
S for Social – Media Release


Founded as an independent design and gift store in 2010, Supermama Store seeks to provide some museum-like respite to the busyness of the urban life. What started off as a couple’s radical decision to steal some time away from work for their young children has evolved into Singapore’s go-to source for well designed souvenirs and lifestyle goods. The concept of giving is central in Supermama. We believe that good stories, good design and good crafts make good gifts. From the classic blue white porcelain to contemporary daily wares, every piece of Supermama giftware is meticulously made by some of the finest makers in Japan and tells of a lesser known Singapore story. “Contemporary Classics”, the two words that define our work, speaks about the idea of timelessness that transcends across different generations, borders and cultures. These broad concepts are translated through our original and thoughtful designs. We are always in search of familiar archetypes (in materials and cultures), giving it a fresh coat of paint through contemporary design (in graphics and form) and re-presenting it as modern day classics – making them the perfect gift for every occasion.